Small Beginnings: Positioning Aids

Small Beginnings Positioning Aids are available with fleece, knit, or disposable covers.  The vinyl surfaces are easy to clean and are filled with either gel beads or VE foam.


  • Provides Boundaries
  • Soft rebounding beads simulate a womb-like environment
  • Change infant’s position easily, without even touching infant (for sensitive preemies)
  • Available in 3 sizes: Ultra Preemie, Preemie & Newborn
  • Available with fleece or knit covers
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Optional fleece, knit, and disposable

Ordering Information:

Item #Product DescriptionBox Qty
05APreemie/Newborn Wonder Star Positioning Aid10
05CLil’ Wonder Star Ultra Preemie Positioning Aid10
06APreemie/Newborn Cuddle Up with Foam Mattress6
06CUltra Preemie Cuddle Up with 30” Bed Buddy6
07APositioning Kit – Abdominal Pillow, Head Pillow, Wedge Pillow, Nest Set, Cuddle-Up, Wonder Star, & Bed Buddy1 Set
09C-CCC*Nest Positioning Aid (Pillows inserts sold separately)10
10A-10AA*Abdominal Pillow with Fitted Cover10
10B-10BB*Head Pillow with Fitted Cover10
10C-10CC*Wedge Pillow with Fitted Cover10
14A-14E*Bed Buddy Vinyl Bean Bag Positioning Aid10

*These products are available in Ultra Preemie, Preemie, and Newborn sizes.

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