Small Beginnings: Phototherapy Masks (Bili-Bonnets)

The Bili-Bonnet® stretches open to allow Bili-light to penetrate the entire head. It rests on ocular face bones and removes pressure from eye and is reversible made of Visco-elastic Foam & Brushed Nylon. The securement tabs allow attachment at any angle to maximize fit and minimize slippage.


  • Patented Bonnet helps mask stay in place and allows bili-light to penetrate the entire head
  • Tested and certified to protect infants eyes
  • Compressed ocular space for comfort
  • No tape or adhesive to harm skin
  • Low-profile hook & loop tabs to adjust size
  • Available in 3 sizes ( Newborn, Preemie & Ultra Preemie )
  • Single-Patient Use

Ordering Information:

Item #Product DescriptionAgeBox Qty
01APreemie Bili-Bonnet<30 weeks50
01BNewborn Bili-Bonnet+31 weeks50
01CUltra Preemie Bili-Bonnet<27 weeks50

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