Temp Probe

Premature infants have special skin care needs. Trinity Medical Devices’s specialty Neonatal Care products are designed to accommodate those unique needs.


  • Single-patient-use probe designed for length of stay improves cost recovery
  • Low profile design and thin, pliable wire enhance flexibility and patient comfort
  • Each probe is packaged with a NeoGuard Reflector
  • Packaged 40/case
  • Two types available

Ordering Information:

Item # Product Description Box Qty
4501 NeoGuard 3 Pronged Port (Air-Shields # 6820970 & Isolette # C-100 replacement) 40
4503 NeoGuard 3.5mm Jack (Ohmeda # LA003, IFW Sys 3000, 3300, & 5000 replacement) 40


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