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The Gabriel® Feeding Tube with Balloon is an innovative system that facilitates enteral feeding access. Once the feeding tube is inside the patient’s stomach, the Gabriel Feeding Tube with Balloon uses the body’s natural mechanics of peristalsis to advance the tube to the optimal location for safe enteral feeding.

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  • The Gabriel® Feeding Tube with Balloon is designed for bedside insertion using on-site indicators, such as pulse oximetry, to assure correct placement in the esophagus.
  • The Gabriel® Feeding Tube with Balloon does not occlude by kinking when enough slack is inside the stomach. Once inside the stomach, peristalsis naturally advances the tube, using the inflated balloon, into the small intestine.
  • The longer you feed using the Gabriel® Feeding Tube with Balloon, the more chance there is for distal tube migration and less risk of aspiration pneumonia.


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GFTB412 12 French 130 cm Gabriel Feeding Tube with 3 ml Balloon and Standard Connector. 10

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