Bebeonkers® were designed to facilitate quick removal of secretions both nasally and orally for safe oral care without hurting baby. These devices are made from a soft material and a patented multi-hole distal end that does not grab tissue like similar single hole suction tips and effectively remove the most tenacious secretions.

The Bebe Keeper Kover® is an effective way to keep the Bebeonkers® clean so that the suction devices can be used for up to 12 hours or per the hospital standards.  Both the Bebeonkers® and Bebe Keeper Kover® are a disposable and safe solution for preemie care.

The Bebeonkers® line is also a perfect alternative to recently discontinued Philips BBG Nasal Aspirator.  Please contact us today for samples!


  • Wall-suction catheter
  • 3 sizes, Ultra Preemie to Newborn
  • Patented multi-hole distal end
  • Won’t grab tongue or mouth mucosa
  • Made from a soft material
  • Used in Major hospital systems around the world
  • Covers available to be ordered seperately
  • Reduces linkelihood of brown-tinged secretions
  • 6 pcs/bag, 50 bags/box

Ordering Information:

Item # Product Description Box Qty
16-1 Bebeonkers I Ultra Preemie with Bulbed Tip 300
16-2 Bebeonkers II with Standard Tip 300
16-3 Bebe Keeper Kover for Bebeonkers I & II 300

Bebeonkers & Webeonkers

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