Cuddle Buns 2

The Small Beginning’s diapers are designed specifically for preemies and feature a narrow crotch to prevent leg abduction and hook and loop closures that are safe for the baby’s skin.

Cuddle Buns Preemie Diapers

Cuddle Buns have an umbilical cut, one-way linder to keep baby dry, and allow for urine samples to be taken directly from the diaper.


  • Narrow crotch to prevent abduction
  • No logos or printing, all white design
  • Hook & loop closure (no tape)
  • No gel to swell
  • Urine sample directly from diaper
  • One-way linder to keep baby dry
  • Umbilical cut-out
  • Double Elastic to prevent leaks
  • 3 preemie sizes available
  • 30 diapers per sleeve/ 12 sleeves per box

Ordering Information:

Item # Product Description Weight Box Qty
21A Cuddle Buns Preemie Diaper 2-4 lbs. 360
21B Cuddle Buns Large Preemie Diaper 4-6 lbs. 360
21C Cuddle Buns Ultra Preemie Diaper >2 lbs. 360


“Beary Small” Bili-Buns Diapers

The Beary Small diapers are Bili-Light penetrable for phototherapy and have an absorbent gel to help keep baby dry. Both options are available in 3 preemie sizes.


  • Bili-Light penetrates diaper
  • New white opaque outer layer
  • Hook & Loop closure & no tape
  • Economical
  • Very Absorbent with gel
  • 3 preemie sizes available
  • Narrow crotch
  • 30 diapers per sleeve / 12 sleeves per box

Ordering Information:

Item # Product Description Weight Box Qty
22A Beary Small Preemie Diapers with gel 1.5-2.5 lbs. 360
22B Beary Small Large Preemie Diapers with gel 2.5-4 lbs. 360
22C Beary Small Ultra Preemie Diapers with gel >1.5 lbs. 360


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