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ComfortCheck™ disposable blood pressure cuffs increase infection control by eliminating costly disinfection procedures and contamination concerns but are economical enough for single patient use. Latex Free and available in soft white fabric material or flexible white vinyl material.

These cuffs meet AAMI and AHA Cuff Sizing Recommendations and feature color coded printing on each cuff which makes it easy to identify cuff size. Designed as a direct replacement for OEM cuffs provided by monitor manufacturers, ComfortCheck™ cuffs come with a full range of connectors and adapters which allow standardization of cuffs across the whole hospital.

Ordering Information:

Single Tube Cuffs

Single Tube

 Bayonet   Female Luer  Screw Type  Female Twist
Cuff Size Color Limb Size Bayonet Connector Female Luer Connector Screw Type Connector Female Twist Lock
Child Green 11-22cm ZCC4401HP ZCC4401F ZCC4401D ZCC4401MQF
SmAdult Lt Blue 16-28cm ZCC4301HP ZCC4301F ZCC4301D ZCC4301MQF
Adult Dk Blue 26-33cm ZCC4201HP ZCC4201F ZCC4201D ZCC4201MQF
Lg Adult Red 33-41cm ZCC4101HP ZCC4101F ZCC4101D ZCC4101MQF
Thigh Brown 39-55cm ZCC4001HP ZCC4001F ZCC4001D ZCC4001MQF


Double Tube Cuffs

Double Tube

Double Screw Type Male-Female Twist Female Twist (2) Manual Inflation

Cuff Size

Color Limb Size Screw Type Connector Male/ Female Twist Lock Female Twist Lock

Manual Inflation


Green 11-22cm ZCC4402D ZCC4402MQMF ZCC4402MQF


Sm Adult

Lt Blue 16-28cm ZCC4302D ZCC4302MQMF ZCC4302MQF



Dk Blue 26-33cm ZCC4202D ZCC4202MQMF ZCC4202MQF


Lg Adult

Red 33-41cm ZCC4102D ZCC4102MQMF ZCC4102MQF



Brown 39-55cm ZCC4002D ZCC4002MQMF ZCC4002MQF


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