MPS CLosed Feature

Utilizing a closed care extension set for medication delivery has many advantages such as:

  • Reduced chance of infection. A number of the ClosedCare I.V. sets are designed to allow for multiple flushes from a 10ml prefilled flush syringe, decreasing touch contamination, thereby reducing the chance for infection.
  • This Closed Medication Delivery System uses a pre-configured combination of needleless valves and stopcocks to create a closed system for medication, TPN and Lipid delivery.
  • Hospital saves money with the reduction of flush syringes used, by up to 9 syringes per day.
  • Needleless valves keep the sets closed, even after the medication syringe is disconnected.
  • Brightly color-coded clamps may reduce the risk of mixing up infusion routes or solutions.
  • MedSafe connector minimizes the exposure of incompatible medications.
  • Non-DEHP, Latex Free.

Ordering Information:

Item # Product Description Box Qty
HR-004 Trifurcated MedSafe Set, Microbore Tubing, Rotating Male Luer Lock, 3 Non-Removable Slide Clamps, 4-Way Large Bore Stopcock, Non-Vented Cap, 0.2 Micron Filter, 2 Female Luer Locks. Approx L: 62” Approx. Priming Vol: 1.4 ml 50 HR-004
HR-008 Microbore Tubing, Rotating Male Luer Lock, 1 Non-Removable Slide Clamp, 4-Way Large Bore Stopcock, 2 HR Needleless Valves. Approx L: 62”. Approx. Priming Vol: 0.65 ml 50 HR-008
HR-012 Microbore Tubing, Anti-Siphon Valve, 1 Non-Removable Slide Clamp, T Connector, Back Check Valve, Pinch Clamp (White), Vented Spike. Approx L: 61.75”. Approx. Priming Vol: 6.3 ml 50 HR-012
HR-027 Tri-Furcated Minibore Tubing, 0.2 Micron Filter, Female Luer Locks,  4 Non-Removable Slide Clamps, Male Luer Lock, HR Needleless Valve, and Non-Vented End Cap. Approx L: 16”Approx. Priming Vol: 3.6 ml 50 HR-027
HR-031 Quadrfucated Microbore Tubing, Rotating Male Luer, 0.2 Micron Filter, 4 Non-Removable Slide Clamps, T Connector, 3 Needleless Valves, Female Luer, Pinch Clamp, Vented Spike. Approx L: 57” 50 HR-031
HR-040 Trifurcated MedSafe Set, Microbore Tubing, Rotating Male Luer Lock, 4 Non-Removable Slide Clamps, 0.2 Micron Filter, 3 Female Luer Locks, T-Connector. Approx. L: 62”. Approx. Priming Vol.: 1.4ml 50 HR-040

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