Naso Gastric Tubes

The Degania Naso Gastric Tubes gastrostomy range incorporates 7 sizes (12 -24Fr). These tubes are transparent, with a white X-ray line tip. The lumens of these replacement feeding tubes facilitate balloon inflation, feeding, and medication. Different retention disks are available. Gastrostomy tubes have a recessed tip.

Ordering Information:

Size Style Part # UOM Length
8Fr Tube w/ Stylet NG-2-08S 2/Box 120cm
10Fr Tube w/ Stylet NG-2-10S 2/Box 120cm
12Fr Tube w/ Stylet NG-2-12S 2/Box 120cm
14Fr Tube w/ Stylet NG-2-14S 2/Box 12cm
5Fr Pediatric Tube NG-5-05S 2/Box 50cm
6Fr 50cm Pediatric Tube NG-5-06S5 2/Box 50cm
6Fr 90cm Pediatric Tube NG-5-06S9 2/Box 90cm
8Fr Weighted Tip w/ Stylet NG-1-08S 2/Box 120cm
10Fr Weighted Tip w/ Stylet NG-1-10S 2/Box 120cm
12Fr Weighted Tip w/ Stylet NG-1-12S 2/Box 120cm
12Fr Tube w/o Stylet NG-3-12S 2/Box 120cm
14Fr Tube w/o Stylet NG-3-14S 2/Box 120cm

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