TurtleTub Feature

This video shows the features and benefits of the TurtleTub as well as a detailed demonstration on how to use the product and how to swaddle bathe.


  • Supports family-centered care
  • Mimics compact environment of womb
  • Decreases physiologic and motor stress
  • Conserves energy
  • Improves state control
  • Enhances ability to feed after bath
  • Decreases temperature loss
  • Causes less crying
  • Facilitates social interaction
  • Should be routine in your hospital

Ways to implement TURTLETUB in your hospital

The TurtleTub bathing system can be implemented in three ways:

1) The TurtleTub functions as a single-patient-use tub. It is used one or more times on the same infant and then gifted to the family after discharge. This approach is the most family-centered and has potential to impact patient satisfaction.

2) The TurtleTub functions as a multi-use tub in which it is reused on multiple patients with a clean, disposable plastic liner for each infant.

3) A combination approach suggests that the hospital uses the TurtleTub on multiple patients with the liner, but single-use tubs are stocked to gift to families who would most benefit from having the tub at home. Extended length-of-stay, infants with NAS, families with minimal support systems, and infants in isolation should all be candidates for a single-patient-use tub.


  1. Ribs and high sides supports infant
  2. Fleece blanket has excellent thermal properties
  3. Temperature strip designed for infant bathing
  4. Rinse cup stores conveniently
  5. Neutral PH mild TurtleTub baby wash
  6. Convenient Pour Spout
  7. Smooth contours for easy cleaning
  8. Flow through design keeps water circulating around baby and holds temperature
  9. Stackable for easy storage
  10. Using our disposable liners allows the TurtleTub to be re-used on multiple patients.

Ordering Information:

Item # Description Case Qty
TT1100 TurtleTub Standard Kit

(1)TurtleTub w/ Integrated Temperature Indicator, (1) Neutral PH Mild Baby Wash, (1) Fleece Blanket, (1) Rinse Cup, (1) Scalp Brush, (6) Sterile 4 x 4 Washcloths, & Instructions for Use ᣳ

TT1101 TurtleTub Standard Accessory Pack

(1) Neutral PH Mild Baby Wash, (1) Scalp Brush, & (6) Sterile 4 x 4 Washcloths ᣳ

TT1106 TurtleTub Starter Kit w/Liner

(5) Bathtubs (each with Integrated Temperature Indicator & Rinse Cup), (10) Fleece Blankets, & (25) Accessory Packs w/Liner ²

TT1107 TurtleTub Accessory Pack w/Liner

(1) Disposable Liner, (1) Neutral PH Mild Baby Wash, (1) Scalp Brush & (6) Sterile 4 x 4 Washcloths ²

TT1102 TurtleTub Baby Wash Single Use Packets – 10mL Neutral PH Mild Baby Wash ³ 100
TT1103 TurtleTub Fleece Blankets (20” x 23”) ³ 25
TT1104 TurtleTub Stand Alone Bathtub (with Integrated Temperature Indicator) ³ 10
TT1105 TurtleTub Bulk Liners ³ 100
TT1108 TurtleTub Mesh Storage Bags ³ 10
TT1109 TurtleTub Rinse Cups ³ 25
TT1110 TurtleTub Fleece Blankets, Large (20” x 30”) ³ 25

TurtleTub Hospital Price List

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