The Gastrostomy Button is a sterile silicone feeding device comprised of a button body and two lumen shafts with a retaining balloon. The button body has two ports and a plug. The feeding/ medication lumen houses a connecting ring and duckbill valve. The device is translucent, with a radiopaque stripe to enable X-ray determination of the tube’s position in the patient’s body. The button has a radiopaque white ring and is compatible with Mic-Key® and MiniONE®. The button is for feeding, for allowing medication access into the stomach, and for gastric decompression. The available sizes are 12 – 24 Fr. Each Fr size is available in all lengths indicated below. As a low-profile premium device, the G-button is used in well-established gastrostomy tracts, enhancing patient comfort and discretion.

What Comes with my Aquarius Button?aquarius-kit-image

  • Aquarius Button: Aquarius Buttons come in 89 different sizes. The correct size will be prescribed by your physician.
  • Stylus: This tool helps maintain the button’s shape during its insertion into the stoma.
  • Lubricating Gel: Is used to lubricate the button during insertion.
  • Gauze Pads: To clean up the stoma area after changing your button.
  • 35ml Catheter Tip Syringe: This syringe is used for bolus (gravity) feeding and also to flush the tube.
  • 10ml Luer/Slip Tip Syringe: This small syringe is used to inflate the balloon on the Aquarius button after it has been inserted into the stoma.
  • “Y” ENFit Extension Set (30cm, Right Angle): This connection set is used to connect to enteral pumps for continual feeding.
  • Universal Extension Set (30cm, Straight): This connection set is used for bolus or gravity feeding.
  • ENFit Luer Adapter: This adapter enables you to use your ENFit extension sets with syringes and other accessories that are not yet ENFit adapted.


Ordering Information: 

Stoma Length 12Fr 3ml 14Fr 4ml 16Fr 5ml 18Fr 5ml 20Fr 8ml 24Fr 8ml
0.8cm GB1208 GB1408 GB1608 GB1808 GB2008 GB2408
1.0cm GB1210 GB1410 GB1610 GB1810 GB2010 GB2410
1.2cm GB1212 GB1412 GB1612 GB1812 GB2012 GB2412
1.5cm GB1215 GB1415 GB1615 GB1815 GB2015 GB2415
1.7cm GB1217 GB1417 GB1617 GB1817 GB2017 GB2417
2.0cm GB1220 GB1420 GB1620 GB1820 GB2020 GB2420
2.3cm GB1223 GB1423 GB1623 GB1823 GB2023 GB2423
2.5cm GB1225 GB1425 GB1625 GB1825 GB2025 GB2425
2.7cm GB1227 GB1427 GB1627 GB1827 GB2027 GB2427
3.0cm GB1230 GB1430 GB1630 GB1830 GB2030 GB2430
3.5cm GB1235 GB1435 GB1635 GB1835 GB2035 GB2435
4.0cm GB1240 GB1440 GB1640 GB1840 GB2040 GB2440
4.5cm GB1245 GB1445 GB1645 GB1845 GB2045 GB2445
5.0cm GB1250 GB1450 GB1650 GB1850 GB2050 GB2450
5.5cm GB1455 GB1855
6.0cm GB1460 GB1860
6.5cm GB1465


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