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SecurePortIV™ is the first and only cyanoacrylate adhesive that is FDA-approved for securement of vascular access devices. Simpler, stronger and safer, it provides big benefits and advantages over traditional methods of securement.

Peripheral intravenous catheter insertion is the most common invasive hospital procedure performed worldwide, but it’s extremely prone to complications, with an overall failure rate that has been estimated at 43%. Similarly, millions of central venous catheters are placed every year with prospective studies showing a removal rate due to complications of 8%.

But with SecurePortIV™, all that is changing.

• 3X stronger and infinitely simpler securement than transparent film dressings alone and superior adhesiveness compared with mechanical securement devices1
• Effectively seals the catheter insertion site
• Can help reduce early dressing changes and eliminate 24-48 hour initial dressing change protocols
• Unique triple defense against catheter-related bloodstream infections
• Immobilizes skin flora that can’t be removed by standard skin prep
• Establishes a microbial barrier to new pathogens
• Octyl cyanoacrylate blend formulation is bactericidal on contact in vitro
• Comes in an ergonomic applicator that facilitates easy placement of appropriate amounts of adhesive.

Secureport IV

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SP-015V SecurePortIV Catheter Securement Adhesive 15

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